How to search in GoforFiles?

Use a search box to enter your query. Results are sorted into six categories: video, TV shows, software, games, 18+, other. You can also take an advantage of sorting files by file name, size, or description. If this is still not enough, please specify your search query. For example, if you are searching for a video, you can add the quality parameter and search for "movie name 720p", "movie name 1080p" and so on. If you are looking for a TV show, you can specify the season and episode "Pioneer One S01E01", "Pioneer One S01E03" etc. You can also add the desired language for your video such as FR for French or EN for English.

I have a very low download speed, what should I do?

Download speed depends most of all on your Internet service provider's speed and the popularity of downloaded file, as well as on the amount of files you are downloading simultaneously. If you are experiencing slow download speed, please try to download no more than one file at a time, don't use VPN etc.

I'm downloading a file, but I need to switch off the computer or interrupt downloading for some reason. How can I resume download later?

You can turn off the computer, pause or stop the download at any time. To manage your downloads, please use "My Downloads" menu. You can resume your download by clicking resume in this menu at any time.

My search ends up with no results?

This can occur in the absence of a network connection, since GoforFiles need to connect to the server to send a search query and get results. Firewall can also sometimes block Internet access for GoforFiles. In this case, you need to add the program to the allowed list. See the question about Firewall (link). The same problem may occur if the word is typed incorrectly. Please check your query, try to reduce the number of words in the query or use the drop-down tips when you enter a search query letter by letter (screenshot)

My download is complete, but I cannot find a file?

To find a file, you can just click "Open" in download window after download is complete. Also you can always use "Open" link in "May downloads" menu. You will find the location containing uploaded file or upload folder if your download contained several files. Usually, users are saving their downloads to desktop and often forget about this. Check your desktop and the see if it has your uploaded file.

I've downloaded a video file, but I cannot play it, is playing with no sound or there is only sound and no video?

With our program you can download a huge number of video files in a variety of different formats. If your video file does not play, you probably don't have necessary codecs to play videos. We recommend you install K-Lite Codec and try to play a video again. In most of the cases, this solves the problem.

I clicked to download a file, but the program hangs at stage "finding nearest server"?

Please wait a few minutes. If the status is still not changed to "downloading", check your Internet connection. Add GoforFiles to the allowed list of programs in Firewall. Please try again later. Try to pause other downloads, if you have launched a few of them.

How to uninstall program?

It's very simple, please follow next steps:
Start -> All Programs -> GoforFiles -> Uninstall
Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features (Start or Remove Programs) -> GoforFiles -> Uninstall

How to add program to the Firewall?

The program will be added to the Windows built-in Firewall automatically during installation. If you have installed third-party Firewall, please use it's manual and allow goforfilesdl.exe and GoForFiles.exe to have full access to the Internet.

I've downloaded a file but when I click to open it, it only opens my desktop folder?

When download started up, there shows up a window "windows cannot find goforfilesdl.exe"?

Try to reinstall the program. If the problem persists, please send us a screenshot with a description of your problem to support@goforfiles.com or use Contact Us form. We will do our best to solve your concern.

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